World hears voice of Iran’s nation : Pompeo

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), following the recent strikes in Iran, the US Secretary of State has said world hears voice of Iran’s nation.

In a short message posted on his Twitter page, Mike Pompeo criticized Iran’s regime for supporting terrorist groups in the region saying that people in Iran are tired of corruption, injustice, and incompetence of their leaders.

“Iran’s corrupt regime is wasting the country’s resources on Assad, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Houthis in Yemen while Iranians struggle. It should surprise no one Iran’s protests continue”, wrote Pompeo in his Twitter page.

This is the first official reaction of the US officials to the recent strikes in Iran. Meanwhile, strike continued by Iranian merchants on  Wednesday for the fourth consecutive days.

More merchants joined the strike on Wednesday closing down their shops according to videos circulating in the social media.

Several big shopping centers including Tehran’s gold and mobile phone markets remained closed on Wednesday despite serious warnings from Iranian judicial officials.

The strike and demonstrations started on Sunday against the devaluation of Iran’s Rial against the foreign currency and a rising price of imported goods.


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