Wife of Seyed Emami was not allowed to leave Iran  

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Iranian police have prevented wife of Kavous Seyed Emami, who died in prison recently, to leave Iran, Emami’s sons say.

Emami, an Iranian-Canadian citizen who was environment activist in Iran, died in prison in Iran last month and the family called the death suspicious.

His family was on the way to Canada but Maryam Mombini, Emami’s wife, who is also an Iranian-Canadian citizen, was prevented from leaving Iran, Ramin and Mehran, Emami’s sons told BBC.

Canada has criticized the move by the security forces of Iran saying Maryam Mombini should be given the right to return Canada as a Canadian citizen. “After the death of my father, our family has been under lots of pressure.

Because of the rising threats on our family we decided to leave Iran for our own safety”, Ramin Emami said in a letter to the government of Canada. Iran’s government says Seyed Emami has committed suicide in prison but his family and friends dismissed the report.


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