We will stay in Syria to confront Assad and Iran : U.S.

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson says U.S. military forces will stay in Syria even after the complete defeat of Islamic State’s terrorists to prevent the expansion of Bashar Asad’s power and his ally, Iran.

For having a stable, united and secure Syria, Bashar Assad should be removed from the power, Tillerson said.

“Complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria at this time will allow Bashar Assad to continue with his cruel behavior against the people of Syria. While he is a murderer cannot create trust between the government and people to bring stability and security in the country”, said Tillerson.

He reaffirmed that withdrawal of the U.S. troops from Syria will give a chance to Iran to increase its influence in Syria.

United States of America has two thousand troops in Syria and its military aircrafts are targeting the remaining terrorists linked to Islamic States in the war-torn country.