“We will not remain silent about Iran crack down” : White House

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), White House has urged Iran to free detainees who are arrested during the recent anti-government demonstrations in Iran immediately, saying that America will not keep silence about the crackdown of protesters by the government.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, says her country is deeply concerned about the condition of the detainees. Iran’s security forces arrested more nearly 4 thousand people during the recent demonstrations.

Thousands of Iranians staged demonstrations across Iran, protesting the rising prices and corruption in the government.

“While the dictator regime of Iran is cracking down the citizens, we will not keep silence. We will hold Iranian officials for any violations”, said Sarah Sanders.

Death of at least three detainees in the detention centers of Iran is officially confirmed now and three others are also killed in the prisons according to the witnesses.