US urges KRG leader to cooperate with Baghdad

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), US ambassador in Iraq asked Kurdish Region of Iraq to cooperate with Baghdad for easing military tensions in the region.

Meeting with Nechirvan Barzani prime minister of the Kurdish Region, Douglas Silliman US ambassador in Iraq called upon political parties in the Kurdish Region to support the Parliament and be prepared for the upcoming parliamentary election in the Kurdish region.

US embassy in Iraq released a statement confirming the meeting between the ambassador and officials in the Kurdish Region of Iraq in Erbil.  Silliman also urged Kurdish leaders to be united and take part in the political process of Iraq for a final defeat of ISIS terrorists.

US ambassador in Iraq said his country will support a unified Iraq and will try to cooperate with both sided according to the country’s constitutions. After Masoud Barzani former president of the Kurdish Region left office on November 1, his nephew became leader of the Kurdish Regional Government.

A non-binding referendum in Kurdish Region of Iraq on September 25, which was condemned by regional and international actors, escalated tensions between Erbil and Baghdad

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