US: Our cooperation with Turkey over Manbij continues

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis says close cooperation over several issues including Manbij is continuing between the United States of America and Turkey.

Speaking in a joint press conference with General Joseph Danford, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mattis said joint training program between the military forces of two countries will start in a near future.

Speaking over Turkey’s access to the Russian S-400 missile system Mattis said Turkey can decide on its domestic issue but this is a concerning issue for the United States of America.

Meanwhile, answering to a question about the presence of YPG/PKK terrorists in Manbij, General Danford said a large number of them have retreated to the east of Euphrates river and only a small number of them still remained in Manbij.


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