US lacks a strategy in Syria: Ex-US envoy to Syria

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA),  The U.S. cannot control the future of Syria because it lacks a clear strategy, according to a former U.S. ambassador to Syria.

Robert Ford said it is “hard to explain” the fundamental American mission in Syria, particularly in the east, because of Washington’s ambigious strategy.

“Is it to fight Daesh? Or is it to help, promote a Kurdish Autonomous district in Northeastern Syria”, Ford asked. “Or is it to resist Iranian encouragement?”

Most of the American public doesn’t understand what America is doing in eastern Syria, he said.

Ford also voiced criticism for former U.S President Barack Obama’s Syrian policy which insisted that “there is no military solution”.

He said it was “largely wrong”.

U.S. President Donald Trump said last year it is time to bring troops home after claiming to liberate last Daesh strongholds in the country, the only publicly declared reason for intervening in Syria.

White House’s decision to pull the troops from the war-torn country has not materialized yet facing fierce opposition from Pentagon and other defense decision-makers.



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