US designates Iran-based commander of Al-Ashtar

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), United States of America has designated an Iran-based commander of Al-Ashtar Brigade a terrorist group in Bahrain and Iraq on Monday.

Name of Qasim Abdullah Ali Ahamad known as Qasim Muamen has been put in the list of terrorists by the US State Department, officials say. He has been named as an extremely dangerous member of the group.

Al-Ashtar is an Iran-backed Shia militant group in Bahrain was designated as a foreign terrorist group by the United States of America last month. US State Department says the group seeks to overthrow Bahrain’s government and gets the needed money and weapon from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The group is being trained by IRGC in Iraq according to the United States of America. Al Muamen is a leader of the Al Ashtar Brigades (AAB), a US-designated terrorist organisation, who has recruited “terrorists in Bahrain” as well as “facilitated training on weapons and explosives for AAB members, and supplied AAB members with funding, weapons, and explosives to carry out attacks,” the State Department release said.

Bahrain also identified him as a key member of an AAB plot to “assassinate prominent figures in Bahrain and target three oil pipelines”.

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