UN warns of a disaster if Assad launches attack on Idlib  

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), UN representative for Syria has warned if Bashar Assad launches fresh round of attacks in the northwest of Syria a serious disaster will emerge.

Staffan de Mistura has called for a temporary evacuation of civilians. Its predicted that a possible upcoming attack by Bashar Assad could be the heaviest military operation since the onset of civil war in the country as opposition military forces have been defeated in other parts of Syria.

Meanwhile, Russia, the main ally of Bashar Assad has warned that “all Terrorists must be fading away from the Idlib and accused them of using civilians as human shields”.

Russian Foreign Minister and his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem have accused the militants of plotting a chemical attack in Idlib to blame the government’s supporters and provoke America to launch a counter-American counterattack.

United Nations says both the Syrian government and the militant groups in Syria have the ability to produce weapon with the toxic substance of chlorine.

UN estimates that some 3 million people live in Idlib and around 10 thousand militants have a presence in the area.  Staffan de Mistura says militants must be defeated but this shouldn’t claim lives of thousands of civilians. Idlib, in the northwest of Syria, is the only province under the control of militant groups. Armed conflicts have been intensified in the area in the last some weeks and the United Nations is concerned of a possible high causality among civilians if Bashar Assad launches a military offensive in Idlib.


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