UN: Myanmar generals committed genocide  

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), a UN fact-finding delegation has said senior military officials of Myanmar army must be put on trial for massacring of Rohingya minority and committing war crimes.

A new report released by the delegation says Myanmar’s army has massacred Muslim minority of Rohingya and was involved in gang-rapes.

The report says the massacring was carried out with the intention of ethnic cleansing adding that the general commander of the army along with five senior commanders must be put in trial.

The delegation has urged the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on those who were involved in massacring of Muslims in Myanmar and put a ban on sending arm to Myanmar army. Myanmar army launched a crackdown against the Muslim minority in the west of Myanmar in August 2017.

Hundreds of Muslims were killed, wounded and raped by soldiers and 700 thousand others were forced to escape to Bangladesh. The operation, during which houses of the villagers were torched by the army, was condemned widely across the world.


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