UAE says evidence shows Iran supports Houthis

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Foreign Ministry of the United Arab Emirates says coalition forces have found different types of military equipment including unmanned aircraft in Yemen that show Iran is providing Houthis with ammunition.

The comments came as the Saudi-led military coalition took control of  Hodaidah’s airport in Yemen following a large military offensive against Houthi rebels on Tuesday.

Following the victory gained by the Saudi-led coalition, UAE’s foreign ministry has exhibited several advanced weapons including missiles, UAVs, ballistic missiles, advanced missiles and smart mines, saying the ammunition was sent to Houthi rebels by Iran.

Coalition forces say the ammunition is a small part of what has been sent to Houthis by Iran. Members of the military coalition say Persian words and abbreviations written on the ammunition show that the weapons are sent by Iran to Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Iran is widely accused of supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen by Arab countries and several western countries including the United States of America. The allegations are dismissed by Iran.


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