Two staff members of a local TV are kidnapped by gunmen in Erbil

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), at least two staff members of the NRT, an anti- Barzani television in Erbil are kidnapped by gunmen after they storm the building in Erbil, reports say.

gunmen took the stuff to unknown place on Monday after they attack the building, a local security source says. a number of NRT staff were also beaten by angry protestors on Sunday during a violent demonstration in support of Barzani.

Several buildings used by the political parties as headquarters were also attacked by the protestors who were asking return of Barzani. Masoud Barzani resign from the presidency of Kurdish Region of Iraq on Sunday saying he is not interested in extending the presidency term.

His resignation was approved by the parliament. Barzani’s televised speech on Sunday took his angry supporters to the streets carrying his posters and flag of Kurdish Region.

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