Turkey and Iran prepare to confront against Kurdish terrorists in Syria and Iraq

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), Turkey and Iran are preparing to launch a joint military effort against terrorist groups of P.K.K. and P.Y.D. in Iraq and Syria, a Turkish newspaper reports.

“Yeni Shafaq” says the decision was made against a plan by the US and Israil to make Rqqa as the capital for P.K.K. and have reached an agreement over the cleaning Sanjar, Qandil and Raqqa from the terrorists. Raqqa, which was announced as the caliphate capital by the terrorists of ISIS, was recaptured by P.K.K/P.Y.D terrorist group, backed by America. Iran has asked Turkey’s support in conducting military operation in Raqqa, according to the report.

Report says, Turkey has announced cities of Afrin, Tel Abiz and Manbij in the northwest of Syria are the priority for Turkish government, after receiving a request from Iran about starting a military operation in Raqqa.

Afrin is under control of P.Y.D and terrorists were pushed back by Turkish forces from cities of Tel Abiz and Manbij, now controlling by Free Syrian Army, backed by Turkey. The newspaper says it is expected that Turkey  negotiates with Russia over a possible military intervention in Afrin warning Russia to not go on the same path as America dealing with P.K.K.

Kurdish terrorist groups have been a joint concern for Iran and Turkey in the past 50 years, but unlike Turkey’s determination over fighting with these groups, Iran is playing political games sometime by supporting Kurdish terrorist groups to destabilize Turkey, according to the reports.