Trump: Waiting to meet Kim Jong Un soon!  

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), U.S. President Donald Trump says waiting to meet North Korea’s leader Kim Jon Un soon.

Reacting to the recent visit of Un to China, Trump says, the possibility of making vise decision by Kim Jong Un is now very high, while everyone was saying in the past that there is no possibility of making peace with the North Korea and denuclearization of the peninsula.

Following a surprised visit of Kim Jong Un to Beijing, Chinese government said Kim Jong Un is committed to start denuclearization of the North Korea and meet with the U.S. officials. Hours after the trip, presidents of China and the United States of America talked over the phone, discussing the details of Un’s trip to China.

A statement released by the White House says the recent developments show that extraordinary pressures on the North Korea is answering and leaders of two countries are very close to meet.

Relations between North Korea and the United States of America have been tensed over the nuclear programs of the North Korea recently.


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