Trump thanks Kim for return of soldiers’ remains

According to Mikroronnews Agency (MHA), US President Donald Trump has thanked Kim Jong-un for returning bodies of the US soldiers to America who were killed during Korea’s war in 1953.

In a Twitter message, President Trump has said “I thank Kim Jong-un for being committed to returning the bodies of our beloved soldiers to their homeland. I am totally not surprised by seeing a very friendly act by you Mr. Kim”.

He also welcomed the idea of a possible meeting with Kim Jong-un for the second time. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un met in Singapore on July 12, for the first time after rising tensions between two countries over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Following the meeting, North Korea agreed to return the remaining bodies of US soldiers to the United States of America.  The soldiers were killed during Korea’s war which started in 1950 between two Koreas.

The US-led military coalition was established to support South Korea in the fight with North Korea which was backed by the Soviet Union and China.

US military suffered heavy losses in the war and many of the US soldiers were kept as war captives by North Korea. The first plane carrying remaining of US soldiers’ bodies landed in a US military airbase in Hawaii.

The airplane carried the bodies to a military airbase in South Korea first and then flight to the United States of America.




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