Trump may speak Iran’s withdrawal for Syria with Putin

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), US President Donald Trump will discuss a complete withdrawal of Iran from Syria while meeting with his Russian counterpart on July 16, Israeli media reports.

It is expected that presidents of Russia and the United States of America meet in Finland to discuss a wide range of issues including security and improvement of ties between two countries.

Israeli media says withdrawing of Iranian military forces from Iran will be one of the priorities in discussions between two leaders quoting an unknown western diplomat. The diplomat is quoted as saying that in the next steps the United States of America will not have a problem with Bashar Assad but Iran must leave Syria completely.

Israel, Arab countries, the United States of America and its western allies are emphasizing on a complete withdrawal of Iran from Syria saying the country is pushing a proxy war in the country.

Earlier, Russia, Iran’s main ally in Syria’s war had said all foreign troops should leave Syria. Iran, who has sent hundreds of fighters to Syria to support Bashar Assad says the country entered Syria at the official request of President Assad and will remain in Syria as long as the government wants.


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