Trump calls on Iran to change behavior

According to Mikrofnnews Agency (MHA), following a historic meeting between leaders of the US and North Korea in Singapore, President Trump said the United States of America will continue sanctions on Iran.

After meeting with Kim Jong-un, President Trump attended a press conference and criticized Iran’s nuclear deal once again.

“I have inherited many problems including Iran’s issue. Iran’s deal was too bad and that is why I terminated. Sanctions will be continued on Iran until Iran changes its behaviors”, said Trump. He also said “I didn’t give money to Iran like Obama. He gives Iran millions of dollar and freed our hostages from Iran, but I didn’t pay money to Iran”.

He said the world should know the President of US has been changed, the Secretary of State has been changed. President Trump also said Iran’s behavior towards the Middle East has been changed in the past two months.

The United States of America and his western allies accuse Iran of supporting terrorism and destabilization of the region.


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