The third Iranian girl protest forced hijab in Iran

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), third Iranian girl took off her hijab in Ferdowsi square in Tehran to protest forced hijab in Iran.

Images posted in social media shows the girl standing on a platform in public has taken off her veil. Earlier another Iranian woman took off her hijab in Enghelab square. In Iran, women are not allowed to take off their hijab in public according to Islamic laws.

For the first time in Iran’s moderate history, a young Iranian woman, Vida Moahedi, dared to remove her hijab during an anti-government demonstration in Tehran.  She became a symbol of liberation and protest against the pressure of the Iranian conservative government on women and was branded as a “hero” for most of the Iranians.

Vida Moahedi, mother of a nine months baby was missing during the demonstrations and some of the women rights activists said she was arrested by security forces.