The recent attacks were carried out by Haqqani group not IS : Afghanistan

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), Afghan officials say strong evidences show that the recent attacks in Afghanistan which Islamic State’s terrorists have claimed responsibility for, in fact were carried out by Haqqani network, another terrorist group in Afghanistan.

Dawlat Waziri, spokesman for the Afghan Defense Ministry says IS terrorists are not able to carry out big and sophisticated attacks in Afghanistan as the group has almost lost the military abilities after large military operations agisnt the group by Afghan and international forces.

IS terrorists have claimed responsibility for at least 9 deadly attacks this year in Afghanistan which killed hundreds of civilians. Waziri told BBC on Tuesday that all the attacks were carried out by Haqqani network by the help of Pakistan’s Intelligence Service.

U.S. and Afghan officials accused Pakistan continuously of supporting terrorists especially Haqqani network, a group which is known for brutal attacks against civilians in Afghanistan. Pakistan denied the allegations.

Afghan officials say there is no link between IS terrorists in Afghanistan and those who are fighting in Syria and Iraq.

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