The man accused of stealing from “Cultural Fund”, escaped Iran with millions of dollars

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), the man accused of stealing money from “Cultural Fund” which was saved for the teachers has escaped the country with millions of dollars, a member of Iran’s parliament says.

The amount, which was more than 120 million dollars, was cut of from the salaries of teachers during the past several years and was going to be paid as a pension salary for the retired teachers. The man whos identity is not disclosed was freed from jail by bail in order to return the amount of money to the government.

His Lawyer has said he has reached an agreement with his client to return to Iran and return the money. Jabar Kochaki Nejad  member of education and investigation committee of parliament says another 19 people accused of having link with the case, have also been freed from jail on bail to return the money back.

The file is not closed and the number of the defendants may increase, Kochaki Nejad says.  This is seen as the biggest amount being stolen from the government in recent years.

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