Terrorists stormed a military base in Kabul on Monday

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), a group of armed terrorists stormed a military base in Kabul early on Monday, officials say.

Afghanistan Defense Ministry says the attack was over after at least 5 hours as four of the terrorists were killed and the fifth was detained by security forces. At least 5 Afghan army soldiers were killed another 10 are wounded in the clashes. Islamic State’ terrorists claimed responsibility of the attack which was carried out at a military battalion close a military university west of Kabul.

Residents say they could hear sounds of heavy explosions and shooting for hours. the attack is carried out only two days after a deadly attack killed more than 100 and wounded more than 230 other, most of them civilians Kabul.

Security has been deteriorating dramatically in the past one month in Afghanistan as hundreds of people have been killed and hundreds others wounded in brutal attacks of Taliban and Islamic State’s terrorists.