Termination of Iran’s deal too dangerous for Iran : Zarif

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says the collapse of President Rouhani will be a collapse for the whole country.

Speaking with Iranian traders and representatives of Iran’s chamber of commerce Zarif said reformists, conservatives, Iran’s political oppositions should think of Iran’s interests as the enemy is trying to damage Iran as a nation, not the regime.

Don’t think that if President Rouhani goes away and conservatives take the power the situation will be better than today, now our country is the target of the enemies and we will not let Iran goes down, said Zarif. Speaking on Iran’s nuclear deal, Zarif warned that a possible end to the deal will have dangerous consequences for Iran.

“Europe has strategic interests in Iran’s nuclear deal, but we are not sure if the European countries are ready to pay a price for saving the deal? We can save the deal and we can leave it, but one thing we should know that if everyone leaves the deal this will be very dangerous for Iran”, said Iran’s Foreign Minister.

He also added that Iran may be forced to step back from the deal but definitely this would not be the first choice for Iran.


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