Tear gas used against Iranian protesters in Tehran

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), police has used tear gas against the protesters close to Iran’s parliament on Monday according to a video posted on social media.

The incident happened as more Iranians joint the protest and strike by the Iranian merchants on Monday. Many of the protesters gathered around Iran’s parliament chanting against the economic policies of the government.

The protest was started on Sunday as the value of Iranian Rial fell to its lowest price against the US dollar in the recent months.

Many of the Iranian merchants closed down their shops at the mobile phone shopping centers Aladdin and Charsou to protest the devaluation of Iranian Rial against foreign currency and a rise in the price of mobile phones.

The price of the mobile phone has raised at least 30 percent according to the official sources while unofficial reports show the increase up to 150 percent.

Mobile phone sellers say as the price has jumped up the number of customers has decreased unprecedentedly. On Monday scores of other merchants joint the protest closing down their markets in Tehran.

They urge others to join the protest while chanting against the rising of dollar prices.


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