Taliban claimed responsibility for attack on Kabul’s five star hotel

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), Taliban claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on an international five stars hotel in Kabul, while the government says the attack was planned by Haqqani terroristic group outside of Afghanistan.

At least five civilians were killed and 6 other wounded after a group of gunmen stormed Intercontinental hotel in Kabul, opening fire at guests on Saturday night, officials say. eye witness in the hotel said the fatality rate may be much higher than was announced by the government.

Parts of the hotel caught fire during the attack. Some of the people have thrown out themselves from the windows of a several story hotel some of them wounded seriously. Clashes between attackers and security forces continued 17 hours and sound of heavy gunfire and explosions were heard until Sunday afternoon.

160 people, 41 of them foreigners, were evacuated from the hotel, police say. the hotel hosts hundreds of national and international guests and security is tight in the area with several checkpoints.

Afghan government condemned the attack asking for a full and comprehensive investigation that how the four heavily armed men could enter the hotel. Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani asks the UN Security Council for more pressures on the countries who are supporting terrorists in the region, immediately after the attack happened.

Afghanistan accuses Pakistan for providing safe havens for terrorists who are carrying out deadly attacks in Afghanistan. The allegations are dismissed by Pakistan.