Taking off the veils in public is violation of Islamic laws : Iran

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Iran’s Attorney General says Iranian women who take off their hijab in public are violating the Islamic laws and maybe prosecuted.

Reacting to the recent moves by some young women who took off their veils in the public by the name of “No to Forced Hijab Movement”, Muhamad Jafar Muntazeri, Iran’s Attorney General said reporters on Wednesday that this was a “childish” move and the government of Iran doesn’t think this is something serious.

“Majority of women in Iran have hijab and they will not let the enemies to destroy the Islamic values of our society. A small number of girls who took off their hijabs in public were commissioned by the enemies”, said Muntazeri.

Several Iranian women have protested to obligatory hijab in Iran by taking off their veils and waving to sticks in different parts of Iran recently. In Iran, women are not allowed to take off their hijab in public according to Islamic laws.

For the first time in Iran’s moderate history, a young Iranian woman, Vida Moahed, dared to remove her hijab during an anti-government demonstration in Tehran and the path was followed by several young women.