Soleimani praises Rouhani for his bravery against US

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Qassem Soleimani, commander of Quds forces, overseas division of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps has hailed President Rouhani for his recent warnings of a possible closure of Hormuz Strait.

In a letter sent to Iran’s President, Soleimani said: “this is the Rouhani we all know and proud of him”. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has threatened that if Iran is blocked from exporting its oil, no country in the region will be able to export oil output to the world. If you want, try it once to see the consequences, said Rouhani.

Speaking at a gathering of Iranians in Switzerland Rouhani said the United States of America has claimed they will prevent Iran from exporting its oil to the world completely while they don’t know what is the meaning of that. He warned if you want, just try it once and then see the consequences.

He was apparently referring to a closure of Hormuz strait in the Gulf region from where most of the Arab countries export their oil to the international markets.

On Wednesday, Qassem Soleimeni a veteran commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards praised Rouhani for his bravery saying he is honored to work under the presidency of President Rouhani.


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