Sharahi’ execution, suspends following Amnesty International’s warning

According to Mikrofonnnews agency (MHA), execution of Abulfazl Chazani Sharahi, an Iranian boy who was expected to be hanged on Wednesday January 17, has been suspended after a serious warning from the Amnesty International.

Amnesty International has urged Iran’s government to revoke decision of execution of who was sentenced to death by the court for stabbing a man, at the age of 14.  A statement released by the organization warned Iran against practicing execution for teenagers.

“Iran is well aware that issuing death penalty for people who are under age is a clear act of violation of international human rights laws, including Convention on the Rights of the Children, which Iran is signed by Iran”, Amnesty International said in the statement

. Iran says Chazani Sharahi was considered a mature man while committing crime according to the Islamic laws, which sets age of 15 as the age of maturity for boys and 9 for girls.

Court of Qom which has issued the death penalty for Sharahi, cites Forensic Medicine as saying that he had mental maturity while committing crime and should be punished according to the Islamic laws. This is the fourth time that execution of Sharahi is suspended by an order from court.