Several Dervishes are arrested in Kowar city of Fars province

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), scores of Dervishes from Ganabad (an ascetic Muslim monk), in Iran have been arrested by police on January 12, in Kowar city of Fars province.

Police have attacked a gathering by Dervishes who were protesting the arrest of several fellow believers in the recent weeks. Police have used tear gas to disperse the protesters who had gathered in front of the office of district chief in Kowar city.

Some of the protesters have been beating up by police, according to the reports. In the last one month, at least 18 Darvish have been arrested in different cities, 6 of them freed by police while 12 other are still in custody.

Kasra Noori, one of the managers of a news site of the Dervishes from Ganabad said human rights campaign that at least 10 people were wounded and several others were arrested by police on Sunday.

A pregnant woman was among the wounded according to Noori. He said there is no information about the condition of three of the detainees as they have been transferred to an unknown place. At least 50 Dervishes were wounded in clashes with security forces in Kowar city in 2012.

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