Secret details behind the deadly incident in Iranian oil tanker

Collision of an Iranian oil tanker with a cargo vessel off China coast which caused the death of 32 crew members of the Iranian oil tanker, has shocked Iran. This the first major sea incident for Iran since the sanctions were lifted two years ago.

The oil tanker collided with the cargo vessel which was bringing grain from the United States of America and all Chinese crew members of the cargo vessel were rescued immediately.

After the oil tanker sunk on Monday one week after the incident happened and death of the all crew members were confirmed, now some of the Iranians, especially those who are familiar with the systems in the oil tankers, think the incident is not as simple as is seen.

The part of the oil tanker which collided with the Chinese ship is at least 50 to 80 meters from the engine room and tanker dormitory. The oil tanker was carrying 136,000 tons of condensate and large amounts of toxic gas.

It may be said that the release of the gas has caused choking of all crew members immediately after the incident. But all oil tankers are designed and constructed in a way that doesn’t allow the gas to enter the engine room and the dormitory, and as soon as gas detection sensors detect the presence of gas in the inlet air, all valves and air vents are closed.

The respiratory system is also found in the every corner of the ship. The ship has two rescue boats installed on both sides of the ship and at the closest distance to the dormitory, which can be flooded without the need for electricity.

These boats are completely impenetrable and can cross the middle of the fire. Ship navigation systems and radars detect the presence of any fixed or moving metal objects at a distance of at least 80 kilometers.

How is it that none of these two big and advanced war ships didn’t realize each other? The speed of the ships rarely reaches 30 kilograms per hour, oil tanker did not really have a chance to change the route?

Now we have to wait for information to be released by Panama about the black box, as the tanker was using Panama’s flag, according to the maritime law, the back box of the ship should be sent to the country which is owner of the flag used in the ships. The issue is too complicated to be solved by simple analysis.