Monday , 21 May, 2018

Second explosion rocks Iranian burning oil tanker

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), second explosion happened on the Iranian stricken oil tanker which had collided with a cargo vessel, carrying grain from the United States of America, off China coast on Saturday night.

Iran’s seaports and Sailing Organization says the explosion happened at 10:00 in the morning local time. There has been several meetings with the representatives of the international community to review the rescue and firefighting operation in the area, Iran says.

Hours before the explosion happens, Iran said surveillance team of Iran’s seaports and Sailing Organization will enter the stricken oil tanker on Friday. There is no information about the 31 crew members of the oil tanker who were missing after the incident.

Meanwhile China has announced on Friday that strong winds have pushed the burning oil tanker into Japan’s exclusive economic zone in the past two days. Chinese Transport Ministry said on Wednesday Chinese rescue teams forced to retreated following an explosion in the Iranian oil.

Iran had also confirmed that firefighting operation has been stopped in the area, while the tanker is burning for the 6th consecutive day. Scores of firefighters and rescue teams were struggling to control the blaze in the past 6 days, but dark smoke, intense winds and high waves in the area had hampered the efforts, according to the Chinese Transport Ministry.

31 crew of the oil tanker, two of them from Bangladesh, are missing, while the body of an Iranian crew was found on Monday. 21 Chinese crews of the cargo ship was rescued hours after the incident happened