Scores of Iranian forces killed in Al Bukamal attack

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), tens of Iran-backed Iraqi militants loyal to Bashar Assad have been killed during an airstrike on a Syrian-Iraqi border town.

Hashd al- Shaabi, a Shia militant group affiliated with Quds Forces, the overseas arm of IRGC confirmed the death of several members during the airstrike on Al Bukamal, a town near the Syrian border.

Syria’s state television has said at least 38 members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps have been killed in the attack. Syria blamed the United States of America for carrying out the airstrike but the allegations are dismissed by the US military commanders.

The United States of America says none of the US-led coalition members were involved in the attack. A US official told CNN the attack was carried out by Israel. There is no immediate reaction from Israel and Iran on the attack.


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