“Sanchi” was not attacked/ don’t listen to the rumors : Iran

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), Iran’s government has dismissed reports of a possible attack on Iranian oil tanker (Sanchi), off Chania coast, saying the cause is under investigation.

The comments came a day after some Iranian MPs were talking over the possibility of a missile attack by the United States of America at (Sanchi), according to some local media. Iranian oil tanker collided with a cargo ship returning from the United States of America off China coast on January 6.

All 32 crew members of the oil tanker were killed and death of them was confirmed on January 15 after the stricken ship was burning for 9 days. Iran’s Foreign Ministry dismissed all rumors about the incident saying Chinese firefighters did everything to rescue the tanker and the crew members. Some of the Iranians were criticizing China for not doing enough to control the blaze and rescue the crew members of the burning tanker.

“China did everything it could and we appreciate their efforts. Islamic Republic of Iran was in contact with China and Japan from the first minutes after the incident happened. Iran sent a search and rescue team to China but unfortunately no one could rescue crew members”, said Bahram Qasemi, spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

He urged people to not listen to the rumors in the social media and wait for the results of the investigation that will show how the incident happened. Iranian officials say at the moment they are waiting to get access to the information in the black box of the oil tanker.

Iran declared one day of national mourning on Monday for the victims of the deadly incident.