Saddest Ashura for Azerbaijan/ Tabriz became capital of world’s liberals

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), 106 years ago on the tenth of Muharram, Russian soldiers attempted to kill the spirit of independence, resistance and courage of the people in Tbriz, the country of Azerbaijan, territories of Qajar, Muslim world and the areas in the east.

On that day a number of the most loyal and courageous children of Azerbaijan have been killed because of their long run struggle and rebellion against oppression.

Morning of Monday 10th of December was a sad day for Tabriz. On that day which was coincide with 10th of Muharram a religious day for Shiite Muslims, everyone was witnessed a large crowd of people, a number of Kazakh Russian soldiers were around the barracks and was said that a number of libertarian leaders are going to be hanged in the gallows which were already prepared in the area.

The gallows were designed by the three color flag of Russia.  (Ahmad Kasrawi, 18 years history of Azerbaijan, page 309).

On that day, Mirza Ali  Seqatol Islam, Shaikh Salim Khatib, Zia ul-Ulma, Muhammad Quli, Mirza Sadiq ul-Mulk, Aqa Muhammad  Qafqazchi, the 14 and 16 years old sons of Karbalai, were executed while everyone was watching in silence.

undoubtedly this crime will not be forgotten by the people unless the government of Russia accepts to apology officially and pay the Moscow


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