Rouhani attends parliament session to answer the questions

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has attended parliament’s session on Tuesday to answer the questions over economic and political crisis Iran is facing recently.

He was accompanied by several senior officials and the session was led by Ali Larijani. President Rouhani is given one hour to answer the questions over his government’s failure to control good and currency prices, unemployment, a fail banking system and political challenges.

Hassan Rouhani said his presence in the parliament session doesn’t show his weakness and no one should think that this is the beginning of a gap between the government and the parliament.

He accused American officials indirectly that are expecting the session ends with political conflicts between the president and the parliament. “White House shouldn’t think that will be happy at the end of the session. It will be more disappointed at the end of parliament sessions as it shows our strong unity. We don’t scare from America nor from the challenges, we will overcome the problems very soon”, said Rouhani.

Meanwhile, he acknowledged that people are suffering from unemployment and economic problems but vowed to find a solution to the challenges.

He said while everything was going good and the government had great achievements in the political and economic fields people’s perceptions toward the government and the future of Iran changed suddenly and this is a big sorrow.

Iran is hit by serious economic and political challenges in the recent months as the return of US sanctions on the country has put more pressures on Iran making the country more isolated. Hassan Rouhani’s administration is widely criticized for a weak response to the challenges and people’s dissatisfactions have increased across the country.



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