Reuters: Iran sends missile to Iraqi groups to warn US

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Reuters in a new report says Iran has sent ballistic missile to the Iraqi groups, quoting western, Iraqi and Iranian sources.

The report says Iran has provided the Iran-backed militant groups in Iraq with ballistic missiles and upgraded their defensive abilities. Reuters says three Iranian officials, two Iraqi officials, and two western sources have confirmed the report.

An Iranian official has said Reuters Iran has sent some ballistic missiles to the militant groups in Iraq that if Iran becomes under a possible attack in the future, it at least has a backup plan. The source has said currently a low number of missiles have been sent to Iraq but it can be increased in the future.

A western source has told Reuters that several missiles have been sent to Iraq by Iran and this is an alarm to the US and Israel especially after attacks on Israel. “Iran intends to change Iraq to its frontline missile base”, the western source whose identity is not disclosed said.

Pentagon and CIA have declined to comment on the report. The Iranian sources and one Iraqi intelligence source said a decision was made some 18 months ago to use militias to produce missiles in Iraq, but activity had ramped up in the last few months, including with the arrival of missile launchers.

“We have bases like that in many places and Iraq is one of them. If America attacks us, our friends will attack America’s interests and its allies in the region,” said a senior IRGC commander who served during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.


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