Reports: Ibrahim Noori is under great torture in Evin

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Ibrahim Noori, a civil society activist from Iran’s Azerbaijan is under physical and psychological torture in the Evin prison, some sources say.

He is kept in the solitary cell in the past several months and is not in contact with his family. He was arrested for attending an annual gathering in Babak Castle this year.

Recently Amnesty International condemned the arrest of Turk activists in Iran urging the government to release Ibrahim Noori immediately. A statement by Amnesty International has called the mass arrests as suppression of Iran’s Turk activists.

Iran’s security forces had warned Ibrahim Noori and his brother to not attend the gathering in Babak Castle. Amnesty International says Noori was arrested several times in the past for taking part in social and cultural activities such as celebrating the international day of the mother tongue.


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