“Qanon Daily” calls for removal of Turkish Language in Iran

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Qanon, an Iranian daily has published an article titled “Anti-National Remarks in the So-Called National TV”, referring a recent interview of the governor of Eastern Azerbaijan which was broadcasted from “Seda ve Sima”.

The article is a racist piece that fully reflects the return of racist and fascist ideas one hundred years ago to Reza Shah Pahlavi and a renewed effort to continue genocide against Turks and non-Persians.

Mehrshad Imani, the author of the article has shown reaction to a recent interview of Eastern Azerbaijan’s governor who has apparently said that there is only one school in Tabriz city which teaches Turkish, adding that “this is annoying when we see our children speak in Persian”.

The interview has angered Mehrshad Imani saying that the use of “Turkish” word is wrong as they are Azeri not Turk, a decayed claim, which scholars  have repeatedly answered to it and now has no place in either the Turks or even the most Iranian Fars community, and has been placed only in the core of the sick mind of some racists.

The author of the article has shown a harsh reaction the interview and his is article totally smelled the days when the former Iranian racist regime massacred thousands of liberators in Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Saudi Arabia, Lorestan, Turkmen Sahara, Balochistan, and … to preserve the so-called “territorial integrity” of the country.

Imani denies the genocide of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in Azerbaijan in  1946, declaring with falsehood and false accusation that “separatism” on Seyyed Ja’far Raheshvari, the eternal leader of the Azerbaijani Democratic Party in Azerbaijan, “before Military forces arrive in Tabriz, the people of Mahindost, this region has ended the work of advocacy fans”, while, the services of one-year-old deceased Seyyed Ja’far have been promising for the Azerbaijani people, despite their short life, so brilliant that they are still remembered by the survivors of this one-year rule.

But the main point in the article is that the author says that people have misunderstood article 15 of the Iranian Constitution. The article allows local languages to be taught in the school and the locals are free to use the native tongues in the media, but Imani claims that the constitution hasn’t granted permission for the local languages to be taught in the schools. The author completely lost control at the end of the post, revealing his aim that is inspired from Reza Pahlavi’s policies. He writes:

“Political rule over the years has been a special effort to establish a deep link between Iranian ethnic groups under a single banner and a single language. Therefore, no one should be upset if the children in Urmia or any other city are speaking Persian, Ironically, if the children of this land speak Persian, it has been a sign of the success of national politics.”

He is pleased with the success of “national politics” which struggles to destroy the Turkish and other languages and force all ethnics to become Fars. According to international standards, the survival of any language and dialect in the world, even if only a hundred people speak it, is equal to keeping that nation alive.

In contrast to this universal conception, the attempt to destroy other languages is actually an attempt to destroy their speakers, and certainly an attempt to genocide. It is certain that one who is so incongruous with the dire and impoverished politics of Reza Pahlavi, has no sense of refusing genocide and is so happy to remove the language and culture of others.




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