PYD is following Ocalan’s views and PKK’s commands : Iranian analyst

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Mohammad Ali Dasmaeli, a political analyst and expert on issues in the region today, wrote in an article in the Iranian newspaper “Etemad” about the terrorist group, or from his point of view, “The Armed Kurds present in Afarin”:

They are intellectually and organizationally dependent on Ocalan’s views and PKK commands. They will not come under a ceiling with the Ankara-backed Syrian opposition, they will continue to be beside Bashar al-Assad, confronting with Kurd groups loyal to Barzani, who have good relations with Turkey.

So in that case, the main loser are the Syrian Kurds (PYD/PKK), who are happy from the support getting from the U.S. and Russia while their understanding of the conditions and equations of the region is not consistent with the evidences of the world of politics and the game of powers.