Protests against rising prices continue in Iran

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), demonstrations spread out to many cities of Iran on Thursday to protest the rising prices. Demonstrators in Shiraz city in the southwest of Iran chanted slogans of “death to dictator” on Thursday.

Demonstrators were not allowed to stage protests in Mashhad and some other eastern cities of Iran by local government. Local officials say no official request was made by demonstrators and any demonstration in the area without permission of the government will be considered as illegal.

Despite the warnings, a number of people staged a gathering in Mashhad to protest rising prices and unemployment in Iran. Similar gatherings were reported from the center of Mazandaran in the north of Iran on Thursday.

Protests were resumed in Iran after a sharp increase of dollar and gold coin price and devaluation of Iran’s rial against foreign currency.

Volatility in the currency market has cussed rising prices of goods and a stagnation in the business of Iranian traders. Iran’s government blamed “enemies” for the continuation of currency crisis in Iran saying the aim behind the efforts by the “enemies” is to provoke people against the regime.



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