President Trump may impose new sanctions on Iran : officials

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), Steven Mnuchin, United States Treasury Minister says President Trump may impose new sanctions on Iran, on Friday.

Mnuchin says U.S. President Donald Trump will possibly impose new sanctions on the country regarding Iran’s missile programs and violations of the human rights by the government of Iran. The comments came on the eve of the President Trump’s deadline for suspending Iran’s nuclear sanctions.

“We are watching everything closely. We have imposed sanctions and you can expect more sanctions by the U.S. on Iran”, said Mnuchin, one day after European countries urged President Trump to preserve Iran’s nuclear deal, which America wants to terminate it and impose more sanctions on Iran.

President Trump has the chance to extend the suspension of the Iran’s nuclear sanctions by Friday. According to the U.S. laws, U.S. President has to confirm Iran’s adherence to the nuclear deal once in every three months.

On Thursday, negotiates over the future of Iran’s nuclear deal started between European Foreign Ministers of 5+1 and Iran in Brussels.

Meanwhile Britain, France, Germany and the European Union made a joint call to the United States to protect the Iran nuclear pact, saying Tehran had a right to benefit from the lifting of sanctions tied to it, according to Reuters.