Pompeo arrives North Korea to talk denuclearization

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), US Secretary of State has arrived in North Korea on Friday to meet Korean officials in a two-day visit.

Talks on the denuclearization of North Korea will be on the top of the agenda during the meetings with North Korean officials.

“The President told me he believes that Chairman Kim sees a different, brighter future for the people of North Korea. We both hope that’s true,” Mike Pompeo said on Twitter after a phone call with Trump in the air.

Also high on the agenda is the issue of remains, in North Korea, of U.S. soldiers missing from the 1950-53 war. Trump said after the Singapore summit that Kim had agreed to send remains back to the United States.

North Korea’s leader promised to denuclearize North Korea during a meeting with President Trump in Singapore.


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