PKK/YPG recruit fighters by paying 100$ : Arrested PYD/PKK member

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), PYD/YPG in Syria recruits fighters by paying 100 dollars, a 17 years old fighter of the terror organization who was wounded and arrested by Turkish forces in Afrin says.

He was arrested during the Operation Olive Branch, launched by Turkish army in Afrin on January 20, to eliminate terrorists from the bordering areas between Turkey and Syria. “I joined the group two years ago.

I got military training in a camp run by PYD/YPG and then I was deployed to the border areas close to Turkey”, said the teenage in his confession in Turkey. He said the terrorists are giving trainings of making bombs and conducting terrorist attacks in a camp in Manbij, in the northeast of Aleppo, where he said has seen many U.S. troops.

“I was responsible for preventing Kurds and Arabs from escaping to Turkey and returning those who had been able to escape the area. Following the onset of Operation Olive Branch, we went from Manbij to Afrin through the routs under the control of Assad’s regime.

We were preparing an attack against Turkish and Free Syrian Army but the forces noticed us. Seven of my fellow-fighters were killed and I was arrested”, said the teenage. He also said the YPG, backed by the western countries, is recruiting fighters by paying 100 dollar to them.


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