People’s demands shouldn’t be limited to the economy problems : Rohni

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), days after nationwide demonstrations in Iran, Hassan Rohani, Iran’s President says people’s demands are beyond the economic problems, they have political, cultural, and social demands.

Speaking with the Iran’s Economic Minister on Monday, Rohani says if the demands limited only to the economy problems, this would be an insult to the people and their demands. Rohani pointed out some issues during his speech in the ministry of economy:

Everyone should pay tax without any exception.

Distance between the officials and our young generation has caused many problem in the society.

People have have political, cultural, and social demands.

Lots of our problems will be solved ,if we accept that our people are the real decision makers.

Lots of our problems will be solved, of we talk with the people with transparency

People should know that Iran is a trusted country for the big investments of the world

In next year’s budget ways for eliminating the poverty has been anticipated

People shouldn’t be deprived from accessing the social media forever

The enemies who have been thrown out from the country by the people of Iran during the Islamic revolution, are trying to bring chaos and instability in Iran

We have invested millions for creating jobs for our young generation.

We should listen to the criticisms by our own people

Thousands of Iranians staged demonstrations in Iran with fiery slogans against the Iran’s President and Supreme leader of the country recently. More than 20 people were killed during the protests and more than 2 thousand were detained.

The demonstrations which was started on December 28. against the rising prices and corruption in the government, spread to the other parts the country rapidly.

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