Parliament’s economic commissions ask Rouhani for change of team

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), economic and plan and budget commissions of Iran parliament has urged President Rouhani to bring immediate changes in his economic team in a joint letter sent to Hassan Rouhani.

Mohammad Reza Pour Ebrahimi, head of the economic commission of the parliament says if President Rouhani doesn’t take the appeal seriously the parliament is authorized to act on the issue.

“We are not satisfied with the economic situation of Iran and we expect President Rouhani to take a decision. We believe that the government can’t go with the current economic team. The economic team should be young and active and we expect such a change to be brought to the economic team”, said Ebrahimi.

Iran is locked in an economic crisis in the recent years with a wave of dissatisfactions among the nation who ask for an immediate change of economic policies.

President Rouhani is facing fresh waves of criticized as scores of Iranian merchants started a strike and demonstration in the past four days.


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