North Korea can sell nuclear technology to Iran : US officials

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), two US intelligence officers say North Korea can sale its advanced nuclear technology to Iran.

They say although there is no an immediate threat of a military confrontation between the US and North Korea at the moment, but Pyongyang can sell its nuclear system to Iran taking advantage of tension reduction between America and North Korea.

“ We know the fact that if someone proposes a good price for North Korea, the country is ready to sell its advanced nuclear systems and technology and Iran has paid the price several times in the past. There is evidence that shows North Korea had done the deal several times until now”,  the officials who preferred to remain unknown said.

They say it’s crucial that in the framework of an upcoming deal over denuclearization of North Korea the country should be prohibited from selling its nuclear technology to other countries and also North Korean nuclear scientists should not be allowed to work outside of their counties.

The US intelligence officials say Washington should ask North Korea to clear the previous deals in which Pyongyang had sold any kind of missile technology to the foreign countries including Iran.

North Korean officials have travelled to Iran several times in the recent years prompting the United States of America to concern over a closeness in ties between two countries.


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