Millions may die if the capital not re-located : Iranian seismologist

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), an Iranian well-known seismologist warn millions of people may die if the capital of Iran is not re-located.

Bahram Akasha Iranian expert of earthquake says 85% percent of Iran’s lands are identified as earthquake-zone and half of the Iranians are living in 25 cities of Iran threaten by strong earthquakes, adding the capital should be moved to a safer area.

“41 natural disaster exist in the world and 31 of them happen in Iran. the country is among the 10 countries the world with high rate of natural disaster and 75 million people in the country are at risk of disasters”, says Akasah.

A deadly earthquake on 12 of November hit Iran was considered as an alert for the millions of Iranians who are living in the earthquake-zones across the country especially in the capital, Tehran.

More than 6 hundred people were killed and some 10 thousands were wounded in the recent earthquake in west of Iran, bordering Iraq. Hundreds of aftershocks happened in the past two months.