Location of mass graves of 1988 identified in Iran

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), the organization of Justice for Iran based in London has disclosed the place of some mass graves of those who were executed in 1988.

The organization has used a map posted on Khak Ranj who had revealed the location of some of these graves. The map which was posted on the website on Wednesday, the location of some mass graves has been identified. The map will help to provide more information about these graves.

Most of the international organizations have condemned the Islamic Republic of Iran for mass execution in 1988. Dozens of the political prisoners were sentenced to death in an unfair trial without having a lawyer and were buried in the mass graves.

International organizations have announced 5 thousand people were executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1988.

Earlier, Amnesty International and Justice for Iran had reported that Iran government is trying to destroy the mass graves in different parts of Iran. The organizations were citing the satellite images and eyewitnesses.



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