list of Iranian officials with dual citizenship sent to Intelligence Ministry

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), list of senior governmental officials with dual citizenship in Iran has been sent to Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, country’s Attorney General says.

“A reliable source provide us with a list of 10 senior officials of the government to us. We sent the list to the Intelligence Ministry on Monday 22 January for the legal procedures”, said Muhamad Jafar Muntazeri, Iran’s Attorney General.

Dual citizenship of Iranian officials have been raised in the recent years several times and became more serious after Mahmoud Reza Khawari, a senior manager in a government bank and the main defendant of a major embezzlement case escaped to Canada nearly 3 years ago.

Two main political parties in Iran, conservatives and reformists have been threating each other of revealing the identity of officials related to the opposite party who have dual citizenship.