KRG summoned Iranian diplomat over recent accusations by Tehran

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), officials in Erbil have summoned Syamak Burhani, deputy of Iran’s consulate in the Kurdish region of Iraq to protest the outcry comments by Muhsen Rezaee, head of the Advisory Board, an organization which reports to the Supreme Leader of Iran.

Muhsen Rezaee had recently accused “Barzanis” in Erbil, a reference to the KDP, the biggest Kurdish party heads by Masoud Barzani, of being behind the anti-government demonstrations in Iran. KRG Foreign Department has urged Tehran to provide valid evidence to prove the allegations.

“Recent comments by Rezaee is against all international laws as they are baseless accusations. This is not the first time that Iran’s officials accused Kurdish Region of something that is totally false. This will affect mutual relations”, Falah Mustafa, head of foreign relations in Kurdish Region says.

Syamak Burhani has promised to convey the message to the Iranian officials.

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