Khamenei: Iran must not expect any help from Europe

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has advised Iran’s government to don’t expect any help from Europe on Iran’s nuclear deal.

Meeting with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and a governmental high-level delegation, on Wednesday Khamenei said despite the continuation of negotiations with the European countries Iran should not expect the Europeans to help the country with its nuclear deal.

He has also criticized Europe for its “impropriate behavior” towards Iran saying Iran will put aside the deal if it reaches the conclusion that the nuclear deal is not helping the preservation of Iran’s national interests.

Iran’s Supreme Leader has dismissed negotiations with the United States of America at any level saying the result of the talks with the previous US administration has created so many challenges for Iran so why should Iran continue the talks with the new administration which is acting much more aggressively towards Iran.

Meanwhile, he has praised Hassan Rouhani for attending parliament session to answer the questions saying it reflected the power, stability, and unity of the government.

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